Sydney club identities James Tobin (centre), Murray Hood (right) and Ripley Waters (left) are the driving forces behind Babylon, a club event promising to hark back to the times when parties were longer, numbers were aplenty and the tunes were big, bold and flashy.

“It’s unconditional... this is clubbing pre-judgement. We’re bringing back socialising, meeting new people...Keep your phone in your pocket.”
— James Tobin (Founder), SX News Aug 2016
“It’s all about nostalgia and the way clubbing used to be when it was amazing,” Murray Hood tells SX. “Not to say that clubbing isn’t amazing now, but it used to be so good. That real nostalgia feel – that’s what we really want to recreate.”
— Murray Hood (Founder) - SX News, Aug 2016
“that moment of euphoria that I had when I first came out to Sydney. That’s what I want to capture and recreate.”
— Ripley Waters (Founder), SX News Aug 2016