Our core goal is to provide a safe space for Sydney’s LGBTQI community and their friends that delivers quality entertainment, promotes acceptance, equality and diversity. We adopt unique policies and comply with legal regulation to ensure each of our events support that goal, as well as comply to the policies of our supporting venue, The Midnight Shift. 

Opening times may vary, and are published here. NSW law states that entry to our party ceases at 1:30am. Babylon Party and The Midnight Shift reserve the right to refuse entry. If you feel you have been treated unfairly we encourage you to contact us directly. Further support can be accessed by clicking here.

Expression of individuality is encouraged. For health & safety, anybody wearing open-toe shoes or gang related attire will be refused entry

Babylon Party will not tolerate the distribution or consumption of illegal substances. Anybody found in possession of an illegal substance will be denied entry or asked to leave, and may face further legal charges. Medical staff are present at each Babylon Party to assess & provide necessary and available medical assistance to patrons suspected of being under the influence of illegal drugs. Should medical assistance not be available on site, emergency services will be contacted by venue staff. 

Babylon Party does not discriminate against, define or force an identity upon an individual. We do not tolerate abuse of any nature, and will assist those who feel they have been treated unjustly or against their rights. If you or somebody you know is facing hardship or struggle, please contact ReachOut by clicking here


Babylon Party is a registered joint venture between Murray Hood, James Tobin and Ripley Waters.